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rumi poems of passion - poems of passion love is the master love is the one who masters all things i am mastered totally by love by my passion of love for love, corrections of popular versions of poems from rumi s divan - flames turned into a talking rose the heat cradled me in its gentle arms and generosity of the beloved don t say anything to god 76 a more accurate translation look at my sallow face and don t say anything to me see my limitless pain but for god s sake don t say anything, rumi s little book of love maryam mafi azima melita - rumi s little book of love maryam mafi azima melita kolin on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers rumi one of the most celebrated mystics of all time chose poetry to communicate his deep spiritual experiences his language, 145 inspirational rumi quotes and poems on love life - looking for popular and famous rumi quotes or sayings you ve come to the right place we ve compiled a huge list of the best rumi quotes and poems on love life happiness death, sufi poetry wahiduddin s web - sufi poetry updated 7 apr 2014 a few poems from each of the following authors are included here as examples of the wondrous depth and variety of sufi poetry, translations and versions of the song of the reed - translations and versions of the song of the reed masnavi book 1 lines 1 34 rhymed translation by jones 1772 1 rhymed translation by redhouse 1881 2 translation by whinfield 1887 3 translation by nicholson 1926 4 rhymed abbreviated translation by nicholson 1950 5 prose translation by arberry 1961 6 translation by t rkman 1992 7 version by barks 1994 8, love of god wikipedia - bah faith the teachings of the bah faith hold that the love of god philanthropia is the primary reason for human creation and one of the primary purposes of life the love of god purifies human hearts and through it humans become transformed and self sacrificing as they reflect more the attributes and qualities of god, the gift poems by hafiz the great sufi master compass - the gift poems by hafiz the great sufi master compass kindle edition by hafiz daniel ladinsky download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets use features like bookmarks note taking and highlighting while reading the gift poems by hafiz the great sufi master compass, bilgrimage grim situation for lgbt folks in russia a - 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