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back to tv repair faq table of contents crt basics note most of the information on tv and monitor crt construction operation interference and other problems has been moved to the document tv and monitor crt picture tube information the following is just a brief introduction with instructions on degaussing, air crash investigation series tv tropes - mayday also known as air emergency and air disasters in the united states and air crash investigation in the uk and australia is a canadian documentary series about aircraft accidents and incidents episodes usually start in medias res while the disaster is underway following them with a sequence of the disaster and the following investigation and at the end a re enaction of how the, o synce navi2coach gps cycling computer in depth review - the navi2coach cycling computer may very well be one of the first gps enabled bike computers that aims to compete against every aspect of the garmin edge 500 from customization of data fields to advanced training metrics, tv and monitor crt picture tube information repair faq - back to crt faq table of contents introduction scope of this document this document contains a collection of information relating to crt picture tube construction characteristics problems maintenance troubleshooting and repair